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12 September 1979
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This is a place for ramblings of a more specific variety: things to do with my PhD. I'm looking at how small business managers are using Web2.0 technologies to promote their businesses, and focussing on how they make decisions about adopting innovations.

My project is funded by the Smart Services CRC. It contains bits of Sociology, Marketing, Business IT and Management; began life in the RMIT School of Accounting and Law, and now resides in the Graduate School of Business and Law. All this seems quite strange, as I always thought I'd become a scientist...

You can find my day-to-day musings over at morsla. I suspect that over the next two years, I'll end up posting more in here (and less over there) as my thesis consumes more and more of my life...

In case it's not obvious, this journal contains personal thoughts and comments. It doesn't reflect the views of my university or my CRC - in fact, it's quite possible that I'll have very different views on some issues.